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Must-Know Tips For Walking in High Heels

They are painful; hard to carry and totally impractical but girls love to wear high heels in order to look stylish. High heels never manage to get out of Vogue; and hence every girl wants to learn tips on how to walk in high heels steadily. If you are also seeking must know tips to carry heels then read the post on!!!!

Must-Know Tips For Walking in High HeelsTips For Walking in High Heels Without Pain

Scuff Up The Shoes

Though the idea of deliberately damaging your brand new pair shoes sounds a bit weird but remember;
your brand new heels are not more expensive than your feet and ankles!!! So if you get your ankle twisted while walking in the heel; just scuff their bottoms a bit. This will help you get stable walk even on shiny and overly smooth surface.

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Don’t Walk For Too Long

Walking for too long is a big no when you are still at the learning stage. Just be sure to give your feet a little rest every 20-25 minutes.

Tips for walking in high heels

Pick The Right Size

Settling on the right size is also very important for enjoying smooth pain-free walk with heel. Wearing too tight shoes may cause blisters besides inflicting any internal damage onto the feet.

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Go For High-Soled Heels

While purchasing heels; look for the ones having thicker soles. Wearing thin-soled shoes means you are going to get hurt from even tiny stones and minor bumps during the walk. Thicker soles will offer you enough protection and elevation for a steady walk.

Tips for walking in high heels

Try It Beforehand

If you have got a new pair of heels for any special occasion; make it sure to try it before the big day approaches. Wear it in the home or go to the market getting into your new heels; this way you will get use to them and will feel much comfortable on the big day.

Walking in high heels without pain

Keep Your Posture in Check

Adopting a proper posture while standing also has a big say in how comfortably you carry the heel. Stand up-straight putting all of your body weight on the top of the shoes. Thereby not only will you prevent yourself from tumbling in the shoes but will also look more elegant.

Tips for walking in high heels

Be Confident

Last but certainly not the least; don’t lose confidence!!! Even if you are wearing heel for the first time; never think of falling down or losing the balance. The more certain you will be about yourself; the earlier you will learn to Tips for walking in high heels.

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