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Tips For Coloring Hair at Home

DIY hair techniques are real life saver especially when you are short on time or budget or simply when you don’t have a professional hair dresser nearby. However doing it perfectly may be a bit challenging especially for the beginners and you have to learn the basics of tips for coloring hair at home. To make the task of perfect hair-dye job easier we are interested in sharing some expert tips for coloring hair, follow the tips for coloring hair and enjoy a flawless color transition at home.

Tips For Coloring Hair at Home

If you just want hair color to disguise the pesky grays or lighten or darken your existing hair color a little than home hair color may turn out to be your best friend. But if you are seeking a dramatic change in your hair outlook or if your hair is chemically damaged then it’s always wiser to consult a professional for getting the job done.

Though the influx of new brands in the fashion market may tempt you to try every other product vowing to offer best results; we advise you to stick with the pioneers such as Revlon; L’Oreal etc. These brands present you with a questionnaire through their official websites that let you settle on the right shade easily.

If you are a beginner or experimenting with an entirely different shade then it is highly advisable not to make it permanent. You should rather go for temporary or semi permanent dyes that tend to fade in 6-24 washes..
Having all the required stuff on hand is also very important for getting desired results.

Tips For Coloring Hair Perfectly You Will Need

  • Plastic gloves
  • Vaseline
  • Hair clip
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Large safety pin
  • towel

Needless to say; testing the product beforehand to inspect any allergic reaction as well as the shade is above all. Get the color tested on a few strands first and having ensured it’s just the thing you were longing work it all through your hair.

Hair Colour at Home Tips

While coloring your hair at home it is suggested to work on the second day hair. Freshly rinsed hair usually lack natural oils necessary to lock the color.

Dab on petroleum jelly on the skin around hair line to keep dye from tinting the skin.
Now section out hair in four equal pieces and begin tinting sections one by one dividing them into further subsections to ensure a thorough application.

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Let the product sit for the time mentioned on the instruction pamphlet and then wash off thoroughly with fresh water.

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