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Thick Eyebrows VS Thin Eyebrows

Eye brows play an important part in the beauty of your face; and it is to your eyes like a frame to a picture which plays an important role in the presentation of that picture. It is a big problem nowadays to decide which shape of brows best suits you. No need to follow any mere advices jus gets some perfect tips down here in this article.

Thick Eyebrows VS Thin Eyebrows

Thick Eyebrows VS Thin Eyebrows

i.  Oval Face

If your cheekbones are clear and your temple is wider than your fine chin, many eyebrow shapes will set off your face shape. A minor arch in your brow is the perfect negotiation. Either a thick or thin brow will toil although a thicker brow is more natural-looking.

Oval Face For Eyebrow & Thick Eyebrows

ii.  Heart Face

If your face is alike to an oval shape, apart from your chin tapers to a high up point, you may desire to try a little arched or slanting brow. Adding some plumpness to your outline will soften the major angles in your mug. A thicker brow balances your definite chin further than a thinner brow would.

Heart Face For Eyebrow

iii.  Square Face

If your forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are all the identical width, with your jaw line being rather distinct, followed by you may want to try moreover a slightly sloping brow to poise your face shape, or even a rounder eyebrow shape to alleviate the clear angles. Opting for a thicker brow as well softens your heavier jaw line.

Square Face For Thick Eyebrows

iv.  Round Face

If you have a encompassing face,  that is, your face is as broad as it is elongated and widest at your cheeks,  you may wish for an opt for a elevated arched brow to generate the delusion of a longer face. Either a thicker or thinner eyebrow would work, though a thicker eyebrow is more outstanding, harmonizing your rounded face shape more efficiently.

Round Face For Thick Eyebrows

v.  Long Face

If your cheekbones, forehead and jaw line are all the same width and your face is lengthened, you may want to try a crushed brow shape, as that level trace will soften the length of your face. Either a thicker or thinner eyebrow will work, while a thicker, compressed brow is more natural-looking.

Long Face For Thick Eyebrows

Once you’ve talented your ideal brow shape; make sure to maintain your shape at abode by only tweezing drift hairs.

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