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Stunning Heavy Bottom Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eye Makeup Tutorial are the most important, delicate and sensitive part of the human body. Tiring an eye makeup on the bottom of the eyes can deal a delightful outcome to your appearances. Reliant on the method and color selection, you can return different eye effects. Here is a rear heavy bottom eye makeup look that emphases more on the lower lash line whereas the eyelid area is reserved understated. Recite over the Eye Makeup Tutorial that can support you realize those exclusive eyes.

If you want to take a break from the regular Smokey eye looks or in case if you are a beginner then this Eye Makeup Tutorial give you a proper guidance for Stunning Heavy Bottom Eye

Eye Makeup Tutorial

Step By Step Eye Makeup Tutorial

Prep Your Eyes and Apply Eye shadow To the Eyelids: Take a start by smearing an eye primer to avert eye shadows from crumpling. Then, put on a glossy yellow gold eye shadow to the eyelid range. Furthermore bring it somewhat in the direction of the intimate corner of your eyes. You can damp down your eye shadow brush a little with water to shape up ironic color strength of the eye shadow.

Outcome on the Mid of the Lower Lash Line: Put on a glittery aqua blue eye shadow to the midpoint of your eye bottom, lesser lash line.

Complete the Lower Lash Line Look: Then, smear a sparkle purple eye shadow to the furthest corner of your lower lash line.

Offer an Impression of Bigger Eyes: Apply a clean brush and gently mix the eye shadows for a smooth gloss. If the eye shadow on the eyelid area diminishes away, you can reuse it again to get upright color strength.

Blend and Apply the Varied Eye shadow Colors: Take a matte brown eye shadow in a blending or crease eye makeup brush and start diffusing the blue, purple and the gold eye shadow applied to the lower lash line. Then, apply a non glossy black eye shadow and put on it to the outward corner of the eye. It must be found only at the corner and do not carry it moreover into the purple. The black eye shadow will support in making a soft Smokey look to your bottom eyelid makeup.

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