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Sophia Tolli Wedding Gown Stylish And Sophisticated

Tolli’s beginnings in the fashion industry stemmed from her aunt, a gifted dressmaker. Sophia Tolli Wedding Gown Stylish selected the fabrics for the clothes that her aunt would create, giving her an opportunity to develop a keen eye for styles, colors, and more. A seamstress since her early teens, Tolli began making custom prom, bridesmaids and bridal gowns from a young age. She continued her studies in design during college.

Sophia Tolli Wedding Gown Stylish

Sophia Tolli Wedding Gown

Wedding dresses with unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional fit. Sophia Tolli presents an array of show-stopping wedding gowns and special occasion dresses in both classic silhouettes and dramatic haute couture designs.

Wedding dresses and bridal gowns by Sophia Tolli, this wedding dress collection provides both classic silhouettes and dramatic, haute couture designs. Classic wedding dresses include formal princess ball gowns and strapless A-line dresses. Bridal gowns with a more contemporary feel incorporate halter necklines, slim skirts and sparkling sequins. Wedding dresses with Sophia’s signature draping and corset back bodices provide an impeccable fit. Sophia adds, “My bridal collection has two distinct feelings: soft classic romanticism and traditional bridal drama. My signature style will always be gowns with an exceptional fit and cut.”

Wedding Dresses 2017

A teenage seamstress, Sophia developed a made-to-measure foundation by crafting custom dresses. In college, Sophia challenged traditional sewing techniques and explored alternatives. Her award-winning construction is the result of her childhood and college experiences.

Elegant 2016 Sophia Tolli Wedding Dresses

Sophia Tolli wedding dresses have corset backs to give brides a perfect fit. Sophia Tolli wedding gowns have romantic undertones coupled with dramatic styling for the bride who wants to make a statement with her wedding dress.

Sophia Tolli Wedding Dresses 2016

A large number of the new points of interest concentrated on making layers and adding measurement to the outfits. Whether it implied taking the dearest botanical ribbon applique and making the blossoms actually pop as three-dimensional embellishments, or trying different things with sheer skirts and all out hallucination bodices. Overskirts, as well, reemerged as a play on famous outlines, making the figment of different shapes.

Sophia Tolli Bridal Collection 2016

Wedding Dresses Collection by Sophia Tolli

Sophia Tolli Wedding Collection 2016

Sophia Tolli Wedding Collection Dresses 2016

Sophia Tolli Wedding Dresses 2016

Sophia Tolli Bridal Dresses 2016

Sophia Tolli Wedding Gown Stylish

Sophia Tolli Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses 2016 by Sophia Tolli



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