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Smokey Eye Makeup Tips & Creating a Perfect Smoky Eye Look

In expressions of eye makeup, there is something sexier and more complicated than the typical Smokey Eye Makeup Look. Perfect the smoky eye is not incomplete to makeup beast and artist similar, but to anybody with the right tools and a little knows how. Learn to apply dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup with these quick and simple unique steps:

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Smokey eye makeup tips
Getting your eyes Ready:
Begin by applying a glow shade of concealer to the beneath eye area, and all above the top lid. Your mineral makeup foundations are a great concealer for this step and get ready your eyes for the eye shadow that you are using.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Choose your colors:
Any color you can be used to make a smoky eye, though you will need at least three shades of a similar tone. The classic smoky eye is created with black or old, but bronze and brown are also usually used.

Pink Eyeshadow Makeup Pink smokey eye makeup

Use the right supplies:
Even if it may be fast and easy to choose the first three matching shades of eye shadow you locate with a mop applicator, the ideal smoky eye is created using the right goods.
•    Using movable powders gives you the best combination ability, which is essential for make a huge smoky eye.
•    Use pitch-black eyeliner to emphasize your smoky eye. You have the alternative of using a pencil, ointment, or liquid eyeliner, and any will work now fine.
•    Be sure to use good excellence makeup tools. Using unclean, old, or mop brushes will make a dirty look that doesn’t merge.
•    You should prefer three shades of each color: a glow, soft color, an average base color, and a dim smoky color.
•    Shun selecting colors that are too light, or if you have very blond skin too dark.

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Apply your face makeup:
•    Before you put on your smoky eye, you should make your unbiased palette.
•    Apply concealer below your eyes and on any dark or red bad skin, and then apply a powder foundation above the top to set it.
•    You have the option of applying color or bronzer to put in aspect to your face.

Make sure your eyebrows are well-shaped and colored, as the smoky eye will draft notice to them. Brows are too thin or light will also make your smoky eye look too dark and unnatural.

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