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Short Hairstyles For Round Face And Wavy Hairstyles

Short hairstyles for round face and wavy hair choosing the styles for caution, if the model is applied incorrectly it can make the appearance even more show more rounded face.

Establish hairstyles for round faces should have a hand in blocking some of the cheeks and forehead. It is intended to disguise it.

Function chooses this hairstyle will create an impression as if the face appears oval. Thus, the right hair can manipulate the appearance. That needs to be avoided is the owner of a round face with hair combed straight model slippery. This model even further highlights the spherical shape of the face.

Blunt Bangs Bob

And, haircuts can be applied are as follows:

Long hair type! If you like the long hair, choose a style that people pay more attention to hair than your face. Examples of long style layer in this style, the hair on the bottom is set straight with slightly wavy hair. The layers are applied membat somewhat oval face. Pieces bang above the eyebrows also able menurutupi your round face.

Medium hair types! If you like long hair with mediocrity, choose a style choppy razor cut bob. In this style has a haircut with sharp impression on the end and as forming a frame on the side of the face. This style makes the cheeks and forehead obscured.

Short hair type! Round face is not recommended to have short hair because facial features are less able to be disguised. But if it is like the short hair, add bangs access sideways with size rather long. For hair above should be made slightly thicker and fuller than the side hair. This will make the face look a bit oval.

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