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Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners Step By Step

Looking for beautiful and gorgeous you should add style to your look. Nail art design can complement your outfit for a special occasion or add a unique touch in your personality every day.

Nail art designs detailed are only has professionals, there are many of nail art designs you can create them yourself. Try glitter and polka dots, blended colors, marbling to create a beautiful effect.

Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners Step By Step

Easy Nail Art Designs 2015

Nail art design is a fun, simple way to be creative and dangerously to have it. Always use the good products to recreate them yourself. If you are tired of simple uncolored nails, it is time to take interest it up with some nail art design. Before starting, you should collect your basic nail art kit. This will contain nail colors, base coats and top coats, remover, cotton, glitter, striping tapes, dotting tools and nail brushes. If you do not have all of these at home, so don’t worry you can find these things around the house to make simple nail art designs.

Easy Bail Art Designs For Beginners Step by Step

Do you spend hours online searching for nail art designs now that you can do in your spare time at home? This article will help you to understand how to apply nail art designs.

1. Remove old nail polish and Start with new line up by removing any polish that still remaining on your nails.
2. Shape your nails to make them clear. If you are creating nail art design don’t try to trim them too short.

3. The most key step is to apply a base nail color on all the nails and that base nail color should be in lighter shade.
4. The next step is to decide which nail art design do you wish to paint. If you have your own original ideas then you may use them .Now use a nail art pen. Fill it with the color that you want to create pattern with and goes with the selected theme.
5. Mix glitter with nail gel or clear polish and apply it to your nails. When the nail polish has dried add a top coat.

6. The second layer of nail color must be completely dried and if you cannot wait then you can use hair dryer keeping a bit space and dry your nail color.

7. When the above mentioned steps have done, finish with final coat of transparent nail polish. You can also apply a transparent nail polish which has shine for a glossier nail art look.

Easy Nail Art Designs 2015

Nail Art Design For Beginners Step By Step

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