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6 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Makeup Stain

Some time it’s makes great trouble foe ones to get rid Of Makeup Stains, especially at in this situation when it’s all happen with your expensive clothes or other stuffs. These tips are effective and helpful to you.

Mostly women deliberate by means of makeup a vital part of their life. We all love to smear lipstick, use foundation and elegant kajal to appearance beautiful and eye-catching all the time. That is the simple persistence of makeup, however what occurs while you stain your preferred dress with makeup.

6 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Makeup Stain

Required Things: At start, let’s go through some of the elementary things you need to evade of makeup stains forever!

  • An uncontaminated plastic spoon
  • Nail brushes or smooth a toothbrush
  • White paper towels


  • For lipstick stain removal: use alcohol
  • For mascara or eyeliner or kajal stains removal: use laundry liquids at home
  • For liquid foundation stains removal: use hydrogen peroxide solution, almost 3%
  • For eye shade or foundation stains removal: use washing detergent

Get Rid of Makeup Stain

Steps To Get Rid Of Makeup Stain

i. To remove the extra make up first of all by means of the support of a clean plastic spoon.
ii. Always try to rub the stains.
iii. At this moment, take a small number of drops of the clearing solution liable upon the consistency of the stain and drizzle it lightly over the discolored area.
iv. At the present with your thumb as well as the forefinger and put on it softly all over the discolored part or the fabric.
v. Currently take a toothbrush and begin rubbing the stain with a very relaxed and mild motion.
vi. Following, you could both wash the fabric or even air dry it. Do not make the mistake of using the dryer until and unless the stain has completely been removed


• In case the makeup stain occurs to be on a silk or additional classy fabric, you would perhaps like to use the help of an expert cleaner.
• If the makeup stain is small, constantly try by means of a baby wipe initially.
• In the case that stain doesn’t remove in the first try, you may need to try a second time. On the other hand, think of that if the stain inclines to stay even after the handling has been done, you don’t have to rinse or air dry it. It may be possible make elimination more problematic.
• Accordingly, the afterward time you finish up with marks on your clothing; don’t go rush towards to the cleaners, without the dress is very classy.

Simple Steps to Get Rid of Makeup Stain

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