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How to Apply Makeup For Oily Skin‎ Tips

Most people have oily skin and because of oily skin they also have zits and other infection on their skin. If you have that kind of skin don’t worries, women who have oily skin often complain that they have trouble applying makeup due to their skin type. Oily skin is hard to handle and particularly when you put on makeup it becomes sticky and glossy. Most of the time foundation gets spoiled and rough because of too much oil on the skin.

Best Makeup For Oily Skin

Oily Skin Makeup‎

It is better to follow these tips to keep makeup last longer. It is an issue of knowing what works with your skin type and make up on your oily skin.

Here are some tips to help you have a perfect makeup that lasts all day.

Apply Foundation:

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We start with foundation; Choose water based foundation because it is easy to apply and blend as compared to others types.  Another trick is to use concealer and moisturize because base sticks with it. Buy only high quality base that is ideal for your natural skin tone.

Use Base:

How to use base

Foundation for skin tone is small jewelry makeup. The bases for the complexion recover skin look and really boost the holding of makeup products. Some still have modifying things which prevent the skin from shining.

Put Powder On Skin:

Put Powder On Skin

The powder put the foundation, does hold out any longer and absorb sebum. This advantage is still more significant when making the purchase of a particular powder for oily skin. These powders have a modifying result more essential.

Apply Dark Eye Makeup:

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To avoid distorted, dark looking eye shadow, use a long-lasting, cream eye shadow like the Smoky Shadow and then go over that with a powder. It enhances your eyes. It is easy to keep on oily skin.

Use Water Proof Mascara:

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Apply mascara like Waterproof Mascara to both the top and base eyelashes. Use it upright to keep away from coat it onto the skin.

Make Perfect Cheeks:

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Cheek stain is perfect for people with oily skin because they do not move around on the skin. Apply a bit to your finger and flat it into your cheeks. It is perfect for make up on oily skin.

Always Prefer Using Matte Blushes:

Always Prefer Using Matte Blushes

When you have an oily skin, you also want prepared to shine all the time. So always try to go for a matte blush instead of one with glitter. Powder blush be liable to last longer on it than their cream counter parts. Otherwise you want to apply a cream blush, make sure you set it correctly.

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