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juda hairstyles Easy To Create With Large Bob Hairstyle Involves

Juda hairstyles, most commonly known as bun hairstyles, are counted among the most preferred bridal hairstyles as they set the hair out of the way keeping the bridal off from dealing with too many flyaway strands wandering on her face. Furthermore, a high bun also offers elevation to make heavy bridal dupattas sit effortlessly.

Here we are presenting 4 events worthy juda hairstyles you may want to try on your big day.

Traditional Juda Hairstyle

Traditional Juda Hairstyle: Traditional bun hairstyle is considered the most admired juda hairstyles among the tradition lovers across the globe. Sitting high at the back of your head, this classic updo is easy to create and carry. You just need to twirl the hair and after wrapping it around itself secure it with large bob pins. Embellish the do further with fresh flower, ornament or a beautiful hair accessory to elaborate it a bit more.

Twisted Juda Hairstyle

Twisted Juda Hairstyle: This classy variation of juda hairstyles is a perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern styles. This chic and mesmerizing hairstyle involves the creation of a bun by curling and pinning equally sized hair pieces in a way that they give off a bun-like ultimate look. The twisted bun suits best with traditional wedding attire like saree.

Beehive Bun

Beehive Bun: the style that enjoyed enough popularity as the most favorite bridal hairstyle during 60s, is back in the market at the moment. The do calls the volume at the crown and hence can be a best option for short, thin haired gals.

Messy Bun

Soft, Messy Bun: Like tightly slicked, perfectly immaculate one, soft and messier version of the juda hairstyles is also rebelliously in Vogue this season. The biggest plus of this captivating do is the softer and prettier final look it delivers to the wearer. Whether you are sporting a clad, saree or a gown, soft bun hairstyle will grace your attire stunningly.

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