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How To Save Your Skin From Sunburn

Sun is necessary for your health as it is the ultimate source of vital vitamin D but a bit of unwise behavior towards sun exposure makes the sun doing more harm than good. From ordinary blistering to a severe sunburn unwise sun exposure can bring about several skin conditions for you. However it is possible to keep sun damage at bay through natural ways. In this post we will share effective solutions to prevent sun damage without sun screen.

How To Save Your Skin From Sunburn

Remedies for Save Your Skin From Sunburn

Get More Tomatoes

Increasing the use of tomatoes is a recognized way of preventing sunburn. This wonder fruit contains significant dosage of lycopene; a component known to protect human against sun damage. It is worth mentioning that brewed or cooked tomatoes boast more lycopene than raw one.

Consume Astaxanthin

Consuming more astaxanthin has also been found to be very effective in increasing your body’s ability to beat harmful Sun rays. This super antioxident is widely found in algae and direct as well as indirect consumers of the ingredient. Owing to its great anti-sunburn abilities; astaxanthin has been given the title of internal sunscreen.

Take Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency makes your body susceptible to sunburn hence it is of utmost importance to pack yourself with enough vitamin D so as to stay sun-protected. You may choose to take it internally in the form of food or supplements or externally from sun while ensuring a wiser exposure.

How To Save Your Skin From Sunburn

Saturated Fats

Saturated fats are yet another all natural solution to save your skin against sunburn. Studies suggest that foods such as butter coconut oil and palm oil etc may work wonders to enhance your system’s UV resistance. So be sure to consume any of these ingredients before hitting outdoors so as to keep rays from wrecking havoc on your skin.

Drink Green Tea

Last but certainly not the least; green tea!!! Apart from innumerable other skin care benefits green tea has also established its repute as a sunburn resistor. Packed with essential antioxidants this wonderful herbal drink makes your body and skin strong enough to beat the sun. So do incorporate it in your routine diet especially during summers to keep yourself protected.

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