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How to Put Long Hair in Messy Bun Hairstyles in 5 Minutes

How to put long hair in messy bun hairstyles creating Chic and trendy messy updos is a fun, but the task become a bit challenging when you have long hair. However, it doesn’t mean that messy buns are only for lob-length and shorter tresses! Long haired beauties can also rock this ultra modern look without falling it. With a little practice and following our simple guide on how to put long hair in a messy bun you will be able to create the do in less than 5 minutes.

How to Put Long Hair in Messy Bun


Like braids, messy bun can best be created on the second day hair. The natural oil produced by the scalp acts as a natural product with great staying power making the do last long. However, if you have washed the hair freshly it is advised to let it air dry until it is slightly wet and then pull it up toward the crown.

If you have super straight, silky smooth locks, next step in how to put long hair in messy bun is to create texture. For this work some dry shampoo through your hair scrunching meticulously with fingers afterwards to give it more movement. This will keep the wisps from slipping out of the do.

How to do a high messy bun with long hair

Next up, pull your hair up towards the crown in the form of a ponytail. Grabbing the base firmly, twist rest of the plait around the base to shape a bun.

Secure the bun either with a headband or with some Bobby pins.

As mentioned earlier, a messy bun placed just at the back of the head doesn’t work well for long hair; you may want to try a low messy bun sitting at the nape of your neck if you think a top knot doesn’t suit you. To create a low messy bun, simply twist your hair and after wrapping it around itself to make a bun secure it with an elastic band or Bob pins.

Hope our easy tutorial on how to put long hair in messy bun helped you master the look. Give it a shot and do let us know about the feedback!

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