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Stylish & Trendy Hairstyles For School Girls

Lustrous, glossy long hair is desirable and countless classy dressing alternatives make them even gorgeous. In the past, we will share with our readers some awesome hairstyles for school going girls. These effortless designs may prove your best pal while getting ready for school in the morning, as they are easy and less time consuming. Check out!

Multiple Inverted ponytails

Hairstyles Ideas For School Girls

1.Multiple Braids with Pony

While the actual version of this captivating hairdo is quite intricate and tough, we present you with its easiest variation.

•Part your curls in the center and picking hair from just above the crown, create a tiny braid.
•Now make braids on both the sides as well.
•Pull all three braids towards the back in the form of a low pony and secure with elastic band.

Loose Side Braid
2.Loose Side Braid

It is another cute and eye-catching hairstyle for teenage girls. To flaunt this awesome Hairstyles.

•Get your hair ported towards side and sweeping it towards other side, style it into a loose plait.
•If you wear bangs let them flaunt freely.
•Get them incorporated into the braid if they are not long enough.

Rope Braid Hairstyle
3.Rope Braid

This simple yet elegant braided hairdo is also a wonderful alternative for longhaired girls.

•Sweep your hair neatly towards the back.
•In the next step, tie it up in a high ponytail braiding it firmly afterwards.
•Now grab the braid and tie it up with a beautiful accessory.

Braid Bun Hair

4.Bun Braid

Yet another innovative and captivating updo for summer that is equally high on fashion scale as well.

•Pull all your hair thoroughly swept bangs towards the back in the form of a half bun, a style that features some strands shaped into a bun and the rest flying down freely.
•Now tie the free flying hair into a braid and wrap it around the bun at the end.
•You may also choose to let the braid fall freely at the back for a unique look.

Side Braids Half Open

5.Side Braids Half Open

Rope braid is one more easy-to-go hairstyle for school going girls. It is effortless and can be styled in a moment.

•Comb the hair carefully to remove any kinks and knots and part it in the middle.
•Now focusing on the front grab side strands and braid them neatly. Repeat the step for other side as well.
•Pull both the braids towards the back and clip at nape.
•Leave rest of the hair falling freely on the shoulders.

Flip tail hairstyle

6.Flip Tail

This versatile hairdo is equally suitable for all age groups. To get the look.

•First detangle the strands and sweep them at the back.
•Now create a middle parting and twist both the sides.
•Bring both twirled strands together and tie them at the back.

Sleek Ponytail

7.Sleek Ponytail

This widely admired do is equally preferable for casual to formal occasions. Since this hairstyle is quite easy, you can flaunt it by your own in minutes.

•Simply bring your well-combed bangs towards either side and pull it into a tight low ponytail.
•You may or may not to do a middle/side pat. Just make sure to tie it tight enough to prevent any flyaway that tend to ruin a sleek look.
•Tie in a low pony at the end to complete the look.

Wavy Side Pony Hairstyles for School Girls

8.Wavy Side Pony

If you are looking for something high on fashion circuit, you can opt for wavy side pony Hairstyles. It is easy to create for your wavy or curly Hairstyles.

•Tease hair and create a side part pulling entire hair towards preferred side afterwards.
•Tie it into a tight low pony finally to pull off the look.
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