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French Braid Step By Step Guide to Braided Hairstyles

Women love to try different hairstyles that make their appearance more perfect. Especially the French Braid is becoming very popular among the teens and now the ladies also want to try this out. There are many ways to try French Braid but the easiest one is mentioned here.

French Braid Step By Step Guide to Braided Hairstyles

The things you required are:

  • Brush
  • Rat-tail comb
  • Spray bottle
  • 2 alligator clips
  • 1 small hair elastic
  • 1 barrette or 3 small bobby pins,
  • Hairspray {if desired}

French Braid Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Initiate by dividing of a quadrangular section of hair right between the two eyebrows, to the crown of the head.
2. Now split that unit in half right up the internal, parting you with two equal-but-thin quadrilateral sections of hair.
3. Clip one of those pieces out of the way with an alligator clip, and use the other clip on the conflicting side of the hair to keep it from unintentionally being extra into the braid.
4. Now initiate a regular French braid on your major section, making sure to create the edging with thin strands, toting in slight bits into the braid as you go so that the braid describes directly near the forehead. If you use too great of strands, the sewing will not be seen until half way back.
5. When you run out of hair to enhance into that piece, continue on with a even braid and improve an elastic to keep the hair from unbraiding.
6. The most important and tricky part is to go back and unclip the residual section, and French braid is just as you have done earlier. Now go back and cut the top elastic with a pair of scissors, to loosen the hair and allow the braid to easily sit over the shoulder.
7. After doing that, this time when you get to the end of the braid, conglomerate both braids composed.
8. You can use a barrette here, to safe the braids or you can cross 2-3 bobby pins as an alternative way to secure. Now take a sizable strand from the left-most section, take it under that side and add it into the right section.
9. Now eliminate the elastic from your first braid and disentangle it. Mildly back-comb right at the base of the lingering hair from the braids, and let the hair and waves to fall obviously, adding a bit of volume to the crown and back of the head. Add hairspray if desired.

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