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Flat Twist Out On Short Relaxed Hair

Flat Twist Out On Short Relaxed Hair; For relaxed or transitioning hair, twist out hair is an easy and excellent style. Many women like the look of cornrows, but this is a very difficult hairstyle to get the hang of. For a similar hair style that produces the look of cornrows, without the hassle, a flat twist out on relaxed hair or natural hair can be just what you’re looking for.

Flat Twist Out On Short Relaxed Hair

Flat Twist Out On Short Relaxed Hair

The twist out is one of many hairstyle options one can do to maintain healthy hair. It requires no heat usage, thus preventing heat damage. Cornrows are like a type of braid that is placed close to the scalp, while a flat twist uses only two strands of hair.

For some naturals, twisting down to the very ends of the hair can lead to twist outs with frizzy ends. An alternative method is to twist until just before you reach the ends of your hair and then coil these ends around your finger. Separate each twist into two sections, if possible, or up to four sections at the maximum. Any further separation can contribute to frizz and shorter wear of the style.

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For those with medium to short hair, put your twist out into 10-12 loose, big twists and cover with a satin bonnet. In the morning, just undo the big twists and fluff your original twist out into place. For Flat Twist Out On Short Relaxed Hair with shorter hair, there is no need to re-twist prior to bedtime.

The first braid out or twist out you may have tried may not have been so great. Especially if you have kinkier hair may have been disappointed with a flat matted lifeless curl, but with the use of a few easy techniques you can get full beautiful ringlets from Flat Twist Out On Short Relaxed Hair ideas.

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