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Eye shadow Techniques For Brown Eye

Eye shadow Techniques For Brown Eye ; Brown is common color in the list of eye colors and is considered most appealing eye color. Brown eyes can look beautiful with any of the colors, there are many techniques that are used to accentuate the color in the brown eyes. While trying to decide a color, you must consider the shade of your eyes, and the makeup type for your eyes, then you would be able to decide which colors are best with your brown eyes.

Eye Shadow TechniquesEye shadow Techniques For Brown Eye

However, there are so many different eyeshadow techniques for brown eyes, from light brown to deep dark brown, but some techniques work better to bring out the attractive look and make the eyes pop. Choosing a right shade for the color of your eye is the key when it comes to eyeshadow.

Find Out a Better Color For Eyeshadow:Find Out a Better Color For Eyeshadow

Not all colors are suited for eyeshadow of a brown eyes. You must choose an appropriate color as per your skin color. If you have a dark brown eyes, deep green, charcoal gray, or purples can be a good choice. Bronze and gold are also good for a clear look. Lighter brown eyes go best with a natural color and other shades of brown. Use light tone with a darker liner but don’t use black as an eyeshadow as it lessens the natural look of the eyes.

Add Shimmer To Your Eyeshadow:Add Shimmer To Your Eyeshadow

Adding shimmer is really a nice technique for all types of eye colors, but it works best with brown eyes and make the eyes pop. Add a bit shimmer to your eyeshadow really makes your eyes good looking. The main thing that you need to care is to match the color of shimmer with your eyeshadow. Once you got it, it would be a perfect makeup trick, especially for brown eyes.

Things To Be Noted While Applying Eyeshadows:Things To Be Noted While Applying Eyeshadows

Learn how to apply eyeshadow, shape and shade in the well-balanced color of dark to light, before applying. You should note some key points such as light colors highlights the shadow areas while a dark color reduces the more prominent areas. When to apply eyeshadow, do your eye makeup first then apply eyeshadow, this will also allow you to remove an eye shadow that has been flacked.
Use at least two eye shadow brushes until you are using only one color for eyeshadow and tap off any excess eye shadow from your brush before applying. This will help preventing over-application and minimize the chances of flaking.

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