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Cosmetics Make-up Brush Make Women’s Paralyzed

Cosmetics Make-up brush may borrow from each other things we often do on a friend or relative, but beware Share makeup tools unhygienic tantamount to share germs.

In Australia, a young mother had to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair due to a serious infection that is acquired for use Cosmetics Make-up brush her friend to cover up acne.

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Jo Gilchrist felt a pain on Valentine’s Day when the bacteria Staphylococcus infection enters the body and attacks the spine. She was forced back and forth went to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. But until now doctors are still trying to get rid of the bacteria from the body Jo.

“At first I felt a little sore back and thought it was due to poor posture. But the longer it gets worse,” said Jo.

The mother of the child said that the doctor takes a long time to find what is wrong, then her body began to numb and she could not feel her legs.

“They said, numb it can spread to the arms and chest, and when that happens I will coma and learn to breathe again,” said the 27-year-old mother.

Cosmetics Makeup Brush Make Women

Jo was flown from her hometown, Warwick towards Brisbane to undergo emergency surgery. When she woke up after surgery, Jo knew that she was infected with staph bacteria from friends.

“The only thing that can trigger those cosmetics Make-up brush… My friend did have a staph infection in her face and I was previously using a makeup brush hers. I never thought this would happen, because I got used to share with my friends all the time,” said Jo.

Jo told that the infection had damaged her spine, so that he could not walk anymore and had to use a wheelchair. Although sad, but she did not give up.

“But I struggled with what I got and I’m learning to walk again. Two weeks ago they said I could walk for an hour or two times a day, such as shopping, washing, or drying clothes. I’m very happy, I honestly do not even think about it. ”

Jo could not feel her lower body, starting from below the navel. She could not control her curiosity discard the water.

Doctors still prescribe antibiotics to clear high strength body from infection. She also will spend three months in the hospital before she declared should go home.

“I was lucky it was attacked back. When attacking the brain, I will die and if affected arm or leg, they will be amputated,” said Jo.

Cosmetics Make-up Brush Make Women's Paralyzed

Currently, Jo is learning to adapt to life in a wheelchair so she can move independently and care for two-year-old son, Tommy.

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