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Beauty Tips Combination Skin

Combination skin type is neither dry nor oily; it is normally a mixture of both. If you have a Combination skin form, most of the time you will see more oil on your forehead, nose and chin part. The other parts would be normal or dry and differ from person to person. Reason is that are always every person has different hereditary, hormones etc. the type of combination skin is natural. Combination skin is really a combination of 2 or 3 skin types, generally oily in some areas and dry in others.

Beauty Tips Combination Skin

Combination Skin Tips 2015

We provide you some tips for combination skin

Do Not Use Soaps

Stop using soaps for your fragile facial skin. Soaps can dry up your skin and can also reason of irritations which extra worse your skin problems. Choose for a gentle cleanser which suits your combination skin type. You can also use a natural cleanser like honey or milk for your skin.

Combination skin care tips

Do Cleansing, Toning Daily

If you follow CTM routine, mean Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing, you can truly be expecting perfect skin in no time. It clears out your skin quality and prevents more skin harms.

Good caring for combination skin

Use A Toner

Toner is a must in everybody’s skin care routine particularly for people who have combination to oily skin. It balances your skin by eliminating the last traces of your cleanser and helps in decrease open hole.

Use care for combination skin

Use A Sunscreen

Never miss the sunscreen. It acts as a guard for your combination skin when you go outside. Buy a sunscreen which is meant for your skin combination type. Forever verify the product before buying.

Tips combination skin type

Use A Night Cream

To get additional profit uses a night cream. It will repair and moisturize your skin giving it a shine in the morning as your skin absorbs all the vitamins from your night cream. It also works as an anti-aged tool too.

Winter care combination skin

Exfoliation Is Key

Exfoliation is necessary to get free of white heads, black heads and dead skin cells. Exfoliation stimulates blood flow and polishes your skin. Exfoliation or rub opens up the pores and your skin starts breathing by absorbing the good of CTM, face pack and mask, night cream simply.

Beauty tips dry skin

 Apply Honey

Honey is an extremely good cleanser for combination skin. Put a few drops of lemon juice in one tablespoon of honey. Apply it on your face and softly rub for a minute or two. Wash your face with normal water. It is really great for combination skin.

Beauty tips for oily skin

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