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Alizee and Grégoire Lyonnet Married Soon…

Alizee and Grégoire Lyonnet married as you reveal your styles ray on newsstands this Friday April 17 Gregory asked for the hand of Alizee recently. It tells you more!

After a year and a half share of happiness, Grégoire Lyonnet has finally decided! The professional dancer Alizee asked in marriage there is little time. From what to pack her in seventh heaven as your Public details the magazine on newsstands this Friday, April 17th!

It was during a tender moment in head-to-head in Corsica, birthplace of the singer, that Gregory was launched… A romantic moment to hope that the two lovers are not soon forget!

Alizee and Grégoire Lyonnet Married

Alizee and Grégoire Lyonnet Married

Above all, this marriage seems to be the logical step between the young man and pretty brunette. Inseparable since they met in Dancing with the stars, they had already sealed their love by engraving each in their skin the words “One Love” and “One Life” in September 2014. And to spend more time with her companion, Alizée even want to stop the song to fully concentrate on the dance duet!

Soothe anxieties

Welded happy lovebirds do not forget the little Annily 10 years. The girl Alizee has also adopted Grégoire. On Instagram, the young man and his girlfriend have posted many photos of their little blended family, taken especially during holidays in Corsica or the United States. A life three may soon be written to four, with the arrival of a new baby! What allay anxieties Alizee in all cases? Recently, about his divorce Jeremy Chatelain, she said in The Nursery on France 5: “I feel I missed my parents managed.”

Find the entire marriage proposal the details and the date of the ceremony in your styles ray from this Friday, April 17th!

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